Siam Twinstick

'Siam Twins is is a TwinStick-Shooter that can be played by up to 2 players cooperatively on one PC, or as Singleplayer. The art style used, is minimalistic in a vector-style with a resolution of 1080p. The main goal of each level is to turn off all the enemys and collect as many weapon-points as you can and to upgrade your weapons regularly. It is all about fast reaction and to keep calm, because there are many enemys spawning at once, a bit like the Bullethell-Games'.

Working with Tobias Gartner through his company “Matchup-Gamedesign” was a fulfilling and rewarding experience. Given the brief it was clear he wanted the soundtrack to take influence from Liquid DnB and other electronic genres but still gave me room to put my own twist on things! Writing in this style and focusing more on strong grooves and less melody allowed me to compose in areas that I wouldn't normally venture into. This therefore allowed each finished track to help me grow and develop my own skills, technique and ideas that I otherwise would never do!

To find out more about Siam Twins visit Tobias site here:

                     Check out some excerpts of the soundtrack below! 

England, UK

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